Greenwashing is what it is called.

Greenwashing is what it is called.
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We decided to switch to 75 cups annually instead of 50.000.

Doing something to wash your hands in innocence to either give yourself or the environment around you a good feeling when it concerns sustainability issues. Small steps towards a greener environment on the workplace are a necessity no matter what people think about it. It just needs to be done, we have to be more aware of the total environment. So in our case we tell you a little story.
We like coffee, we like tea, we like soup and we like hot chocolate. All those nice things do come with a certain cost. Not money or anything, that is obvious, it comes with waste. A total waste which you do not recognize on a daily basis. You just drink, you absorb, you enjoy and you throw away tons of waste every single day. Our coffee and our coffee cups are sustainable, the coffee is people friendly, no bad circumstances for people during the production process, no harmful production methods etc. Our cups are made from recycled material but do contain a certain amount of plastics which are proven not to be good for the environment. We threw away more than 50.000 cups last year, we threw away more than 250.000 cups in the last 4 years, why? Just because.. It is just a bit stupid once you see it, now we know. We as Blok System Supply are not happy with our ignorence, we tend to be are a very careful business when it concerns the environmental workplace but we just let it happen without realising the outcome. Due to new regulations we decided to switch to 75 cups annually instead of 50.000. How? We just chose to buy the same shape of cups but then from a different material in this case we chose cups made out of cane sugar, reusable of course and circular. Proud? No! Happy with the choice? Yes. We do not want to greenwash ourselves, we want to be responsible people, we made a small step on our way to a zero waste company..

De visie van Blok System Supply is ieder product en bijbehorend proces sneller, beter en efficiënter te ontwikkelen.